Dear Mr/Mrs,

With 6 years of experiences in running Ragnarok Private Server games including the success of Excellence Ragnarok & Diverse Ragnarok merged as one; Infinite Ragnarok, this is a fresh start yet Brand New Server. There's no more doubt about the future of Infinite Ragnarok.
There are much more brilliant ideas that will gonna be implemented here, our beloved server which we won't be able to implement them without your help. Your support is kindly the key to solve this problem.
Would you consider to donate to our server to help us achieve our vision and mission ahead?
If you do, there's 2 ways you can contribute to our server.

Wire Transfer. Our official Local Bank Transfer (BCA): Account Number: 4640042341 (Bank Central Asia) under the name of Sandy Tobing.

Paypal.You can Donate to our official Paypal.
Or you can Donate to our server though Paypal (Direct Transfer)

Address: [email protected]

and let us know for the confirmations though In-Game GM or direct message to our Social Media.
We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used for greater development. We are also aiming to buy the Gravity official License so that we can be Official.

Please help to add this link for Donation by Paypal

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